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The Environmental Benefits of Using Recycled Metal in Manufacturing

Recycling your metal is one thing, but taking the initiative to use recycled metal when manufacturing new products is a whole different concept! The benefits of recycled metal are endless and there are countless reasons to recycle metal and use it on new projects. Many of them are environmental, which is motivation all on its own to get on board.

In today’s post, we’re going to run through what some of those benefits are so you can see the true impact recycling metal and using it for manufacturing can make. Let’s get started!

Benefits of Recycling Metal

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In general, recycling metal means a reduction in energy, time, and consumption. Here are some additional details to each of these incredible benefits.

The environment

There’s no denying recycling scrap metals is going to have a positive effect on the environment. More recycled scrap metal means less materials in the landfills. When metal sits in the landfills it takes up space for actual waste and other items that can’t be recycled.

This extra space ultimately leads to less pollution. It also contributes to decreasing greenhouse gas emissions as new metals are known to produce great amounts.

Energy conservation

We’ll talk about this in more detail later on, but energy conservation is a huge benefit of recycling scrap metal. Different metals will require different amounts of energy in order to be made. Recycled metal requires far less energy to achieve the same result.

This can end up saving manufacturing companies a ton of time and money to create whatever it is they need. These savings then affect the consumer as well and could be a major factor in who they end up choosing as a manufacturer.

More jobs

There are economic benefits to recycling scrap metal as well! The recycling industry employs millions of workers and has helped to create numerous jobs as the industry has become more and more popular over the years. In fact, recycling requires more workers than sending metal to a landfill or incinerator.

This industry is helping to keep the job opportunities flowing which is great news for our economy.

Better earning potential

If you had the chance to earn money from recycling your metal scraps, and save money from reusing them, wouldn’t you be more inclined to take part? We’re here to tell you it’s definitely possible! Whether it’s aluminum, copper, brass, steel, or iron, scrap yards are open to taking all different kinds of metal.

Keep in mind, each metal will have a different value attached to it. So, if you’re recycling non-ferrous metals, you’re likely going to get more in return for them than other ferrous types of metals such as steel and iron.

Space availability

If you’re holding on to metal scraps, it’s likely you’re taking up precious space in your yard, shed, or garage. Recycling these metals not only means you’ll make some money, but you’ll also free up your own space.

Take the time to know what metals can be sold as scrap and sort them accordingly. Find the right buyers so you can get the best prices for them and you’ll have tons of space to spare!

Conservation of natural resources

Natural resources are constantly diminishing and this is something we’re all becoming more aware of. As new metal is created there are tons of natural resources being used.

When we use recycled metal, we’re conserving natural resources. We’re even using less water than what would be used to create new metal. A huge amount of water is used in these cases which is definitely something we all want to avoid.

Less reliance on new metals

One of the best things about metal as a material is that it can be used over and over again. Most metals can be recycled as many times as you like, although there are some that lose their quality over time.

This means less of a need to rely on new metals. We can protect our environment and save our money.

Endless recycling options

One thing many homeowners don’t know is that recycling metal isn’t something only larger corporations can do. Plenty of different household items can be recycled, so it’s something just about anyone can take part in!

Look to see if there’s a scrap metal recycling facility in your area. You might get a little bit of money out of it and will help the environment all at the same time. The options for recycling truly are endless!

Different Types of Metal and Their Uses

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To help you understand metal even better, let’s run through the five most popular types of metal and their uses.


Steel is actually an iron that’s free of the impurities you would normally find in iron. It’s a very commonly used iron as it has a high weight to strength ratio that makes it super versatile. There are many different types of steel including stainless, alloy, carbon, and tool steel.


Iron is also a super popular type of metal that’s often alloyed with other elements to make it into steel. This is a material commonly used in things like pots and pans so you can probably find it somewhere in your household!


This type of metal is super durable while also being lightweight. It has a great weight to strength ratio and doesn’t rust. You can usually find aluminum used for things like cans and other household appliances.


Another common metal is zinc! Zinc has a low melting point and moves really well when melted down which makes it great for casting and recycling. It’s usually found in everyday things like hardware and in the automotive industry.


Last but not least is bronze! This metal is made out of tin and copper, along with smaller amounts of other elements. Bronze has a high corrosion resistance and great electrical conductivity which makes it great for manufacturing things like electrical connectors and ship parts.

How Recycling Metal Conserves Energy

You might be surprised to know recycling metal is one of the best ways to conserve energy – on the entire planet. New metal is metal that needs to be both mined and processed. Whereas recycled metal has already been mined and processed and is ready for use. That means recycled metal requires a lot less energy than new metal products.

The conservation of energy means a reduced carbon footprint. As we mentioned earlier, metal products can be recycled time and time again so they don’t end up taking up space in our landfills. This process allows us to save energy and reduce pollution at the same time. It really is a fantastic alternative to buying new metal for each and every manufacturing project you encounter.

Scrap Metal Recycling with Scrap Gators

If recycling metal sounds like a great option for you, then be sure to reach out to Scrap Gators here in South Florida. We work with all different types of companies in the commercial and industrial industries and work hard to always make sure they get the most return on their recycled materials.

We even offer free pickups so you never have to waste your time loading and transporting your own material. Ready to get started? Contact us today!

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