Brass Scrap Recycling: Environmental & Economic Advantages

Best Brass Prices Per Pound

Whether you’re making a living from recycling scrap metal or you have a one-off project to handle, you might be curious about how to get the best brass price per pound. Doing some research ahead of time helps ensure you get the most bang for your buck—and who doesn’t want that? 

Today, we’re going to tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about brass. From brass prices per pound to where to find brass and a handful of pro tips for scrapping, this is one post you won’t want to miss!

Brass Price Per Pound Explained

A Brief History of Brass

Truly, brass prices vary by the buyer and the quality of the scrap. Nevertheless, a working understanding of what to expect helps professionals like you get the best payday on their product. Then, you can get the best brass prices per pound.

More than the day’s figure, this article gives insight into the range in price of brass scrap. With it, you can determine for yourself whether you should unload or store until a market high arrives.

Knowing what the range in price of brass scrap is will give you this ability. However, this post also tells you the when—when you should hit the streets with your brass scrap. Finally, for the who, we make simple local recommendations for the best possible price.

What is the range of brass scrap prices? 

When we first published this post in 2018, brass prices hit a range trending around $1.50 cents per pound. In 2017 and 2018, for example, the price of brass was consistently level around that price with mild fluctuation. Overall, brass is on a general upward trend—perhaps because it is a copper alloy.

Today, as we approach the end of 2021, the brass scrap price per pound is even higher. 2021 averages have it at around $1.82 per pound…and it’s trending upward!

Due to booms and busts in brass scrap sold and bought, prices rise and fall as well. Still, brass stays pricey. It is a profitable investment of time and energy (like precious copper).

(Interested in learning more about copper recycling, too? Visit this post next to learn how old wires are turned into new products)

Where can I find brass scrap?

Considering how brass scrap prices per pound are on the rise, your next question might be where you can find this valuable resource for yourself.

We have an entire post on the subject right here. 

It lists these four sources as great places to start your hunt for brass scrap:

#1. SHOOTING RANGES (Bonus tip: Some managers at shooting ranges will let you come in for their brass scrap at regular intervals. Network with them!)

#2. FURNITURE & FIXTURES (Bonus tip: Craigslist is your friend when it comes to finding free and marked-down brass scrap in furniture and fixtures.)



You can often find brass in a number of other household items, including: 

  • Door handles
  • Coat hooks
  • Door locks 
  • Letter boxes
  • Light fittings and switches

What is brass used for?

Next, let’s also discuss how brass is used. This can give you even more ideas for sourcing brass scrap for yourself. 

In this post, we detail some of the common uses of brass in modern society for music, water, and design.

Brass and music: As a metal, brass is naturally vibrant in its sound. It’s also warm and strong which makes it a great choice for music, including crafting musical instruments.

Brass and water: Brass is also strong and highly formable. This means it can carry great weights without additional maintenance requirements. As such, it’s a good material for the transportation of water, especially when there is a need to keep it warm. This includes use in radiators, tanks, and heat exchangers.

Brass and design: Thanks to its beautiful red and silver tones and formability, brass also makes an excellent choice for several design choices, including art and jewelry.

Why should I recycle brass?

The brass scrap price per pound might be enough to convince you of why you should start recycling this resource. But if you’re still looking for even more reasons?

Here are a few:

  • Brass has an infinite recycling capacity: There are several materials that can only be recycled so many times. Brass, however, isn’t one of them! In fact, brass has an infinite recycling capacity—it never loses its chemical or physical properties during the recycling process.
  • There are environmental advantages to recycling brass: It helps keep it out of landfills that are already overflowing. Additionally, it negates the need for mining for new brass, which is an environmentally taxing process. And finally, recycling brass gives off far fewer emissions than mining for new brass.
  • Economic advantages to recycling brass scrap: Brass requires fewer resources than mining new materials. This helps keep the cost of this valuable resource down!

When does brass scrap sell highest?

Like other metals, the best time to sell brass scrap is in the summer. During the summer, there is more activity in the industries that require brass like design projects. But, since brass is used in music, and heating, it remains relatively stable. Still, slight increases in demand may mean a higher price for your brass scrap.

True, the preferred time to sell your scrap will depend on your location, but it will also depend on your choice of the recycler. While the start and end of the calendar month bring better times for scrap, the patterns of your local scrap yard will be more determined to sell.

Who buys brass scrap locally?

If you are looking to sell your brass or merely have it taken off your hands, most local scrap yards offer varying levels of services and prices.

If you’re local to the Fort Pierce area, we encourage you to call Scrap Gators to get the best brass price per pound! 

We are a family-owned business offering Scrap Metal Services to all commercial and industrial businesses, and we strive to make recycling easy and profitable for our customers. Today we buy large loads of non-ferrous material at our facility, and also offer other services such as flatbeds, containers, brokering, sorting, and on-site torching services throughout the southeast.

Pro Tips for the Best Brass Price Per Pound

  • Pro Tip #1: Call ahead to your local scrap yards to get a feel for their service, prices, and to consult on your unique situation.
  • Pro Tip #2: Winter months are more challenging and sparse for the brass scrapper. With less activity overall, there is less brass to collect, less demand, and lower prices.
  • Pro Tip #3: keeps a record of brass prices from 2012 up to the present day. It is a great resource to explore for pricing trends.  

For example, at Scrap Gators, we offer full-service residential and commercial scrap services from Port St. Lucie.

Give us a call at (772) 203-7391 for a consultation. We can quote you a price and offer you free services over the phone. With questions, detailed information, and requests, you can also send mail to

We specialize in HVAC, aerospace, manufacturing, and large Equipment removal—there’s no job we can’t handle!

Did you learn a lot from this post about brass price per pound?

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