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What we do

We work with a variety of commercial and industrial industries to ensure they get the most money for their material!

All of our customers receive free pickups of their material so they don’t have to waste time loading and transporting their material.

We do the heavy lifting for you!


HVAC is a massive business in South Florida and we value our relationships within The HVAC field.

Here at Scrap Gators, we cater to the HVAC industry in a number of ways. We buy whole A/C units at your location with our flatbed services or we buy the components of them by weight.

If your company has a large rooftop chiller or A/C unit that is being removed we can provide our flatbed services to haul it off-site and pay you for the unit as well!

scrap metal in port st lucie at scrap gators
marine scrap metal - boat motor


Its no secret that the marine industry on the Treasure coast is a hotbed of fisherman, marine fabricators, sailors, and more. 

What some boat owners don’t know, is how much scrap value your sitting on when your customizing your boat or getting rid of an old vessel. Sailboat ballasts are very heavy and could be worth thousands of dollars in lead scrap value. Stainless steel cable, brass, 6061 aluminum, the list goes on. 

We encourage our customers to give us a call at 772-203-7391 and inquire about their marine scrap metal.


There is an enormous amount of wire in the commercial scrap world and we’re here to help you get it off your hands.

Give us a call at 772-203-7391 for your free consultation.

scrap copper wire in port st lucie
truck of scrap metal in port st lucie


Odds are you’ve thrown out electric motors before not realizing it was worth your time to recycle it. Besides putting money in your pocket it is also environmentally friendly to sell your old motors. 

Scrap Gators is making it profitable for you to recycle your old scrap metals in Port St Lucie. Call us at 772-203-7391 with any questions about scrap metal recycling.

Fan Motors, Pool Motors, Transformers, Ballasts are all full of various scrap metal. Please call us at 772-203-7391 with any questions about your materials.

Also if you have a business with a stock pile of motors we can pick them up, weight them, and pay you all at your location! 

We understand that your time is valuable and would love to schedule a pick up at your place of business.

Nickel & Cobalt

Nickel and Cobalt based alloys are found throughout the airline industry. Here at Scrap Gators we strive to make recycling easy for our customers within various aircraft fields.

We always provide complete transparency throughout our process of sorting so your employees can stay focused on the tasks at hand. We provide flatbed, container, and gaylord services through the state of Florida. 

Give us a call at 772-203-7391 for your free consultation.

Nickel & Cobalt

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