Copper Wire Prices

copper wire prices


In fact, copper wire prices vary by the buyer and the quality of the copper wire. Nevertheless, a simple knowledge of what to expect from buyers in terms of price helps professionals like you get the best pay for their product.

More than just a number, this article gives insight into the range in price of copper wire scrap. With it, you can decide for yourself whether you should sell or even store your copper wire until the market comes around.

So, knowing what the range in price of wire scrap it will give you this ability. However, this post also tells you the when—when you should hit the streets with your wire scrap. Finally, for the who, we make a local recommendation for the best possible price.

What is the range of wire scrap prices?

copper wire prices

At present, wire prices hit a range trending around $.50 per pound. In 2017 and 2018, for example, the price of wire sat around that price with mild fluctuation. Overall, wire is on a general upward trend with copper—perhaps because it is a copper alloy.

Due to rises and falls in wire scrap sold and bought, prices boom and bust as well. Still, wire stays pricey. As a result, it is a profitable investment of time and energy (like precious copper).

  • Pro Tip: keeps a record of copper prices from 2012 up to the present day. Use it to explore prices to expect.

When does wire scrap sell highest?

Yet, like other metals, the best time to sell wire scrap is in the summer. During these months, there is more activity in the industries that require wire-like construction projects. But, since the wire is used in nearly every industry that requires electricity, it remains relatively stable. Still, slight increases in demand may mean a higher price for your copper wire scrap.

  • Pro Tip: Winter months are difficult for the wire scrapper. With less activity overall, there is less wire to collect, less demand, and lower prices.

In truth, the preferred time to sell your scrap will depend on your location, but it will also depend on your choice of the recycler. While the start and end of the calendar month bring better times for scrap, the patterns of your local scrap yard will more determine to sell.

Who buys wire scrap locally?

So, if you are looking to sell your wire or merely have it taken off your hands, most local scrap yards offer varying services and prices.

Pro Tip: Call ahead to your local scrap yards to get a feel for their service, prices, and to consult on your unique situation.

For example, at Scrap Gators, we offer full-service residential and commercial scrap services from Port St. Lucie.

Give us a call at (772) 203-7391 for a consultation. We can quote you a price and offer you free services over the phone. With questions, detailed information, and requests, you can also send mail to

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