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How to Save Space through Scrap Metal

3 Ways to Improve Storage with Scrap

Storage is for utility, necessities, and the essentials. Scrapping metal may seem like it will only take up more of your space, but the space used actually improves logistics and maximizes revenue. Scrapping can add organization and outflows to your workflow, giving you even more space in your work area. You can save space through scrap metal.

As a professional, your role is not horde every piece of precious metal thrown out in the process of providing your good or service. But, as a plumber, electrician, or contractor, good scrap practices present a way to organize and minimize. By integrating scrap into your process, you can turn wasted space into revenue, transform junk into cash, and shift your business’ mindset around organization and space usage.

In this post, we lead you through three ways good scrapping practices can help you save space (and use it wisely). Read on to learn how to have more space, greater organization, and increased revenue.

Scrap improves the organization of your work.

save space through scrap metal

Scrap collects. It grows. And, as it’s collecting in your office garage and on the client’s floor you might realize it would look so much better as organized recycling! To take scrap seriously, you have to start with organizing your materials.

Luckily, your scrap has a way of organizing itself: any metal scrap you can imagine is made from one of five metals (copper, aluminum, iron, brass, or lead). Each carries a different market value, and you have to organize by type before you can sell your scrap efficiently.

While this adds an organizational challenge at first, your newfound organization will free up workspace and improve workflow. You may even find that you are able to work more easily and efficiently under the new constraint.

Scrap turns wasted space into cash.

A full bin of scrap can mean a fat check. It depends on the metal, the season, and greatly by the recycler. Nevertheless, organized scrapping turns debris into dollars. The key is to realize that while scrap takes up space temporarily, it actually is transforming unused real estate into a money-making machine.

As such, there are some practical facts to think about when it comes to collecting scrap. The first, scrap is not dead space. The second, scrap is a source of income.

Together, this means you want to think about space differently. Empty space does not make money; it costs. But, space you use for scrap transforms spaces into revenue.

 Overall, scrap transforms spaces.

Your business is turning out shavings, fittings, pipe, wire, faucets, and more. Maybe, those forms of scrap just sit wherever collecting dust until being pitched, getting in the way and causing stress. If this is your method, you may not be taking scrap seriously.

If you were allowing scrap metal recycling to work its magic, you would have an organized workflow for dealing with scrap. And, at the end of the day, you would have an opportunity to free up the space it takes temporarily and turn it into dollars.

Remember that scrap adds organization and transforms empty wasted space into profits. Together, that means that scrap can help you more effectively use your space while you work and as a bottom line.

To learn more about how scrap can help your business organize spaces, improve workflow, and maximize profits, keep reading:

What to do next

Now that you have a basic idea of how scrap can save and redeem your space, contact your local scrap yard to see if they will appraise your scrap regularly and give you a quote for estimates. They may even give you a tip or two about how to categorize and watch your scrap product.

For example, Scrap Gators offers full service residential and commercial scrap services in Port St. Lucie. You can give us a call at (772) 203-7391 for a consultation on your commercial scrap needs.

If you have more questions about profiting from your scrap, you can email images and questions to

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