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How Scrap Metal Dealers Are Helping to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Did you know that new precious metal materials happen to be one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions? Every single time these metals are taken from the earth they slowly run out. And while you might not think right away that this would have a huge impact on our world, these are the metals that are used to create everyday items. That’s things like the appliances in our homes and the products we use each and every day.

That’s why recycling scrap metal and reusing it to make new products is so important.

How Recycling Scrap Metal Can Help

When you recycle your scrap metal, you help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by bringing down production. Your choice to recycle this metal is the first step in helping to bring those gas levels down as well. It’s then up to scrap metal dealers to recycle the metal and ensure it goes out to other people and companies who can use it to produce new products. To help you get more of an idea of the impact this process has, here are some of the impacts that the process of recycling scrap metal has.

Saving CO2 production

When metal is recycled, there’s less of a need to mine for new materials. At least not as often as we currently see in our society.

This practice helps to preserve the valuable metal that we currently have left on earth which takes down carbon emissions. This can be up to a reduction of 86% in the air and 40% in the water! This has a huge impact on these gas emissions, especially as we continue to need metal products long term.

In fact, choosing materials like steel to recycle means that it can continue to be recycled and reused for up to 40 years or more. This can make a huge difference as products don’t need to be replaced as often.

Reducing carbon footprint

Now, how does scrap metal recycling affect an individual’s carbon footprint? Simply put, the greenhouse gases that are produced from metal production end up impacting our carbon footprint as the gasses trap heat and contribute to climate change.

More scrap metal recycling means a reduced carbon footprint!

Preserving natural resources

You may be surprised to know that metal is a natural resource. When we don’t constantly need to mine for new metal, we end up saving the natural resource longer term. The better we can preserve our supply the more positive change we will see.

The Many Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal

In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, recycling scrap metal comes with tons of other great benefits. Here are some to help you get an idea!

Preservation of resources

The supply of natural mental isn’t never-ending. Once everything is dug up, it won’t be replaced. At least not with other natural metal! When we reuse metal over and over again, more natural metal can stay in the ground for use at a later time.

This entire process allows us to reduce the rate at which we take natural metal from the earth. Along with other resources that we need to meet our many needs as a population. Resource preservation is definitely something we should all be working to make a priority.

Preservation of the environment

The environment also benefits from recycling scrap metal in a big way. When we mine for new metals we’re destroying the earth. We’re also using many other resources to get the job done. While it might be something that’s necessary to do at times, recycling requires a lot less resources and is less destructive to the earth.

Recycling metal also means less waste in the landfills. This is especially important with metal waste as it can take a long time to break down.

Lower energy consumption

The truth is that mining for new metal is something that takes a lot of energy. There are various machines involved which not only sucks up energy, but money as well as the costs for using these machines are extensive.

To help you see a comparison, new aluminum production takes about 30% energy while recycling aluminum scraps is only 5%. To top things off, recycling scrap metal not only means less energy, it also happens to be a lot more efficient!

Potential to earn money

Recycling scrap metal isn’t only beneficial to the environment. It provides the potential for you to earn money off of it as well! When scrap yards take the metals that you no longer need, they will often give you money in return.

How much you will actually receive depends on the type of scrap metal as they come with different values. However, many people and companies find it’s worth it to recycle the metals that they’re no longer using – even if the cost is minimal!

Frees up your space

Another benefit to you as the one providing the scrap metal is that it will often free up your space. You might be holding on to things you no longer need in your shed, yard, or garage that could be taking up a bunch of precious space!

Rather than wasting the space you have, why not recycle it? Earn some money and get your space back all at the same time! There’s no point in holding on to things you no longer need and you’ll be doing a great service to the environment as well!

Endless options for metal recycling

You might be surprised to know you can recycle scrap metal as an individual, just like any other company out there! You might get rid of your old appliances or other household items you no longer need.

Many cities also have scrap metal recycling areas you can use to conveniently recycle the things you no longer need. You could also sell it to a scrap metal dealer for a little extra cash. There are countless options for recycling scrap metal – no matter who you are!

Recycle Your Scrap Metal

If you want to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions or if recycling metal sounds like a great option because of the other benefits it provides, then be sure to reach out to Scrap Gators. We work with commercial scrap metal in Florida and all different types of individuals and companies in the commercial and industrial industries. We work hard to always ensure they get the most return on their recycled materials.

We even offer free pickups so you never have to waste your time loading and transporting your own material. Ready to get started? Contact us today!

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