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Our team’s extensive knowledge spans across a wide range of materials, from nickel and titanium to carbide and superalloys. We ensure that you receive the most competitive pricing on the market. With our combined years of experience, we educate our suppliers on the intricacies of recycling, helping them maximize their profits.

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Our Specialty Metal Services

Welcome to Scrap Gators, where expertise meets integrity in specialty metal recycling and manufacturing. With a strong foundation in aerospace and industrial gas turbine industries, we provide unmatched sorting capabilities and knowledge in handling exotic alloys.

We have established strong partnerships with industry leaders in aerospace, industrial gas, machining, and tooling. This allows us to maintain a vast portfolio of materials we purchase, including but not limited to:

  • Tool Steel 
  • Turbine Scrap
  • Nickel Scrap
  • Cobalt Scrap
  • Carbide Scrap
  • Tungsten Scrap
  • Industrial Gas Turbines
  • Aerospace Turbines
  • Refractory & Minor Metals
About Us

Unmatched Service and Strategic Partnerships

Whether you scrap with us monthly, annually, or every few years, our goal remains the same: to provide competitive pricing, unmatched service, and valuable education. We aim to form strategic partnerships that last for years to come, ensuring mutual growth and success.

Why Choose Scrap Gators?

  • Competitive Pricing: Receive the best market rates for your specialty metals.
  • Expert Knowledge: Benefit from our extensive experience and industry insights.
  • Comprehensive Education: Learn how to maximize your profits through our educational resources.
  • Reliable Partnerships: Build long-term, strategic relationships with a trusted partner in specialty metal recycling.

Our Story and Values

Founded in a 300 square foot storage bay, Scrap Gators has grown by prioritizing service and integrity. Our history is marked by a dedication to learning and excellence, allowing us to excel in the aerospace and industrial gas turbine sectors. Our core values of education, honesty, and integrity continue to drive our success.

Who We Are

Addressing Industry Challenges

We understand the unique challenges in the specialty metal recycling market. From sorting complexities to finding the best homes for exotic alloys, we are equipped to handle it all, ensuring our suppliers’ needs are met efficiently and effectively.

Our Mission

Deliver sustainable recycling solutions, maximizing value and minimizing aerospace sector's environmental impact.

Our Vision

Be a leading force in eco-friendly aerospace recycling, fostering a greener aviation industry while driving innovation and sustainability.

Our Services

Who We Serve

At Scrap Gators, we cater to a diverse clientele in the specialty metal recycling industry. Our services are designed to meet the unique needs of professionals across various high-demand sectors. By understanding the specific requirements and challenges of each industry, we ensure that our solutions are tailored to deliver maximum value and efficiency.

Refractory & Minor Metals

Refractory & Minor Metals

We specialize in streamlining recycling for refractory & minor metals.

Nickel & Cobalt Alloys

Nickel & Cobalt Alloys

Promoting eco-friendly practices in aviation and IGT industry recycling.

Tungsten Carbide

Highest Prices paid on Tungsten Carbide Endmills and Inserts Nationwide!!

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Connect with our team to discuss your recycling requirements and find tailored solutions for your business.

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3434 Industrial 33rd St, Fort Pierce, FL 34946

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General Question

Explore our FAQ section to find answers to common questions about our aerospace recycling services, covering processes, compliance, and benefits. For additional inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

At Scrap Gators, we accept a wide range of specialty metals, including:

  • Nickel Alloys
  • Cobalt Alloys
  • Minor Metals
  • Refractory Metals
  • Molybdenum
  • Niobium
  • Hafnium
  • Columbium
  • Tantalum
  • Superalloys
  • Tungsten
  • Iridium
    And many more!

We also accept these materials in various forms, such as solids, chips, shavings, turnings, powders, swarf, and sludges. If you have any specific metals or forms in question, please contact us for further details.

We ensure competitive pricing through several methods:

  • Market Monitoring: We continuously monitor market trends and prices to provide up-to-date and fair rates.
  • Extensive Network: Our extensive network of industry partners allows us to offer the best possible prices for your materials.
  • Advanced Sorting: Our sophisticated sorting processes ensure accurate valuation of your metals, maximizing your returns.

Our goal is to offer you the most value for your specialty metals while maintaining transparency and fairness in our pricing.

Scrap Gators proudly serves a variety of high-demand industries, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Industrial Gas Turbine
  • Machining and Tooling
  • Power Generation
  • Medical Manufacturing

We cater to professionals such as engineers, procurement specialists, maintenance teams, production managers, and quality assurance professionals within these sectors.

Our services are designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of each industry, ensuring optimal performance and resource management.

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(772) 203-7391

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9 AM - 5 PM

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3434 Industrial 33rd St, Fort Pierce

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Our team is here to assist you at every step, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience.

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