What is Copper Worth?

The What, When, & Who of Copper Scrap Prices Not all copper is created equal. Nor are the prices we pay and accept for the

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Best Brass Prices Per Pound

Brass Prices Explained Truly, brass prices vary by the buyer and the quality of the scrap. Nevertheless, a working understanding of what to expect helps

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Where to Find Brass

4 Sources of Pricey Brass Scrap Brass, unlike aluminum and steel, is less likely among scrap metal finds, and therefore more valuable. So much so,

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Uses of Aluminum

How Aluminum Upholds Commerce Did you know? Aluminum is the third most common element. Likewise, we often use this odorless, recyclable, and lightweight metal. In

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Where to Find Aluminum

5 Sources of Quality Aluminum Scrap Aluminum helps form the core of scrap metal finds. So, learn where to find aluminum in this post. To

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Where to Find Copper

5 Sources of High-Priced Copper Scrap Although aluminum and steel form the core of most scrap metal finds, copper is one of the highest paying.

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