copper wire

Where to Find Copper Wire

3 SOURCES OF COPPER WIRE SCRAP Wire, usually made of copper or a similar alloy, is pricey among scrap metal finds and therefore highly sought

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where to find scrap iron

Where to Find Scrap Iron

3 Sources of the Abundant Metal Iron, unlike copper and brass, is a highly common and ever-present metal. Nevertheless, iron can be difficult to spot

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Where to Find Brass

4 Sources of Pricey Brass Scrap Brass, unlike aluminum and steel, is less likely among scrap metal finds, and therefore more valuable. So much so,

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Where to Find Aluminum

5 Sources of Quality Aluminum Scrap Aluminum helps form the core of scrap metal finds. So, learn where to find aluminum in this post. To

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Where to Find Copper

5 Sources of High-Priced Copper Scrap Although aluminum and steel form the core of most scrap metal finds, copper is one of the highest paying.

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