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How Copper Shapes Modern Industry

Copper is an essential element. Literally. We use it in electricity, construction, water purification, and even inside our bodies. It occurs naturally in mineral ore. An awareness of how important copper is can be interesting, but it can also be practical.

Practically-speaking, knowing the uses of copper can help professionals like you understand which industries demand it, and when.

So, with these industries’ activity, you can follow trends in activity and demand. It will allow you to better predict where to find scrap and when to sell it. Likewise, this post deals with how major industries use copper.

uses of copper

Copper & Electricity

First, copper is a natural conductor, easily carrying heat and electricity. As such, copper draws itself into wires and molds into many shapes. For these reasons, one of the primary uses of copper remains conduction.

Copper wiring is integral to industries like electronics, telecommunications, and vehicle manufacturing. Since they rely on electricity, construction is also a major player in the use of copper.

  • Pro Tip: Nearly every industry which relies on power in its products uses copper. This includes construction and manufacturing of all kinds.   

Copper & Water

Naturally, copper is a soft, antimicrobial metal. It carries and purifies water without adding additional chemicals. For this reason, copper remains an important part of the water purification industry as well as in plumbing.

For example, copper pipes are malleable and easily soldered, making the plumbing industry one of the largest consumers of copper.

Copper & Agriculture

Few people expect that copper can have biological as well as industrial and commercial uses. Surprisingly, copper is naturally antimicrobial which makes it perfect for agricultural application.

Mainly, vehicles required of agriculture even use copper. How? Simple. They apply copper agents directly to soil as copper sulfate to poison unwanted microbial threats to crops.

Copper & Design

Since copper is easily manipulated, early uses of copper include the making of jewelry, forging of coins, and designing of tools. Although, these are some of the earliest uses of copper, but it should be clear by now that copper touches every facet of human life.

As few know, we first found and used copper before bronze, steel, and aluminum. Still, it continues to sustain our lives and work. In summary, copper helps with growing food, cleaning water, providing electricity, and designing our homes and public spaces.

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