What is Brass Used For?

How Brass Sounds Off in Society

Brass is a term we often use to refer to copper-zinc alloy. What is brass used for? In short, we use this strong, workable, and conductive metal in musical instruments, non-magnetic design, and even marine engines.

Moreover, an awareness of the metal’s uses can help many trades which create its scrap, knowing or unknowingly. Knowing its modern applications can give professionals like you insight into which industries demand it and when.

So, to prepare you to find and collect the right scrap of these industries, this post deals with how they currently employ it.

what is brass used for?

Brass & Music

Firstly, the metal is naturally vibrant in its sound. It is also a metal which is both warm and strong. As a result, brass is in music.

In fact, such musical instruments and parts are essential to many orchestras and band practices. Since instruments need strength, sound, and visual appeal, the metal is a common choice for many instrument types.

Brass & Water

Secondly, it is a strong metal and highly formable. So, this means that it can carry great weights without additional maintenance requirements.

It, therefore, continues to be a good material for the transportation of water, especially when there is a need to keep it warm. You can find it in radiators, tanks, and heat exchangers. Such pipes and fittings are malleable and easily installed, making the plumbing industry a large consumer of it.

Moreover, one of the first commercial uses of the metal was in naval design. This is because the pump parts and marine engines could use its strength and warms to keep things flowing in the engine.

Brass & Design

Due to easy manipulation, tools and other small items forged themselves from it. But, additionally, it is beautiful in red and silver tones. Its an obvious and favorite choice for the creations of jewelry, ornamental trim, and even door handles.

Despite that the metal is pricey, it continues to serve our needs for both practical and artistic application like music, design, climate control, and transportation. The metal powers engines, makes music, and provides heat. It even ornaments our buildings!

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