What is Copper Worth?

The What, When, & Who of Copper Scrap Prices

Not all copper is created equal. Nor are the prices we pay and accept for the precious scrap. So, what is copper worth? Some awareness of the trending price of copper is required of professionals like scrappers, plumbers, and electricians to get the best deal on their material.

What helps more is an understanding of how the market and demand for copper fluctuates and in what range. The experienced professional can then determine for themselves whether they should hold off on selling scrap for the day, week, or month until better prices arrive.

A knowledge of what the range in price of copper is will give you this insight. It delivers the when—when you should hit the market with your copper scrap. The only thing that remains is the who—who you should sell you scrap to in the local area.

For these reasons, this post deals mostly with the range in price you will see in selling copper scrap. But, it also suggests answers for times when copper sells at a higher price and who you can sell to locally. 

what is copper worth

What is the range of copper scrap prices?

Today, copper prices hit a range higher than most of the last 50 years, trending around $3.00 per pound. In 1960, for example, the price of copper floated around just 30 cents. Overall, copper is on the rise with a growth of 17% in 2016 and 30% in 2017.

  • Pro Tip: Macrotrends.net keeps a record of copper prices from 1960 up to the present day. It is an excellent place to start your copper price research.  

Due to rises in the amount of copper scrap sold, prices began falling again in 2018 with a loss of around 20%. While this still keeps copper afloat and a worthy investment of time and energy, it is important to keep aware of these market patterns.

When does copper scrap sell highest?

Seasonally speaking, the best time to sell copper scrap is in the warm, summer months. During this time, there is an increase in local, residential, and commercial construction activity. More importantly, these projects put pressure on the local areas need for commodities like copper. The increased demand means a higher price for your copper.

  • Pro Tip: Winter months are less favorable for the scrap seller. Construction projects slow, meaning there is less scrap to collect and less demand.

On a calendar basis, the best time of the month, week, and day to sell scrap depends on your locale. While the beginning and end of the month is a good time for collecting scrap, the schedule and trends of your local scrap yard will largely determine when you sell.

Who buys copper scrap locally?

Whether you are looking to sell your scrap or merely have it hauled off your hands, local scrap yards offer different services and prices.

  • Pro Tip: Call ahead to your local scrap yards to get a feel for their service, prices, and to consult on your unique situation.

For example, at Scrap Gators, we offer full-service residential and commercial scrap services from Port St. Lucie.

Give us a call at (772) 203-7391 for a consultation. We can quote you a price and offer you free services over the phone. With questions, detailed information, and requests, you can also send mail to wally@scrapgators.com.

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