What to Expect from Refrigerator Scrap

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refrigerator scrap

Metals Refrigerator Scrap Produces

Refrigerants include commercial and residential freezers and refrigerators. As a category, there is a huge amount of potential scrap to be found with the right process. If you wish to pursue refrigerator scrap correctly and knowingly, read on.

In this post, we introduce the main components of a standard refrigerant which you will find in residential and commercial settings. We go beyond this by identifying which metals and materials you will find in these common parts and why.


refrigerator scrap

Because it must be strong, large, and inexpensive, you will find the body of most refrigerants made of iron or stainless steel. While stainless steel is increasingly popular and less pricey, it is still weighed by the pound. The body of a refrigerant can weigh many pounds, making for a nice return.


Inside the body of the refrigerant, you will also find aluminum in the motor of the machine, like many manufactured engines. Again, though you may not get much for a pound of aluminum, you will get a nice return on a weighty motor.


Like many other appliances, refrigerants rely in part on power. Refrigerants come in different sizes for different applications, but in all cases you will find a good amount of copper wire used in its function. Copper will get you the best return from a refrigerant.

Sealed Units

For safety reasons, sealed units within the refrigerant must be drained of freon by a professional before the entire machine can be recycled. Typically, this is done prior to any other scrapping of the machine to protect from exposure.


In fact, much of the refrigerant is made of non-metal through its insulation. Depending on the specific unit, you may get a higher price for your metal by removing the body from the insulation.

In all, when you approach your next refrigerator or freezer, ask yourself two questions:

  1. What function does this metal serve?
  2. Which metal meets that need?

For help in answering these questions, review one of our articles on the most common metals. In each article, we talk about the function and uses of these metals. These will add to your understanding of refrigerants:

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Walter Salvati

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