Where to Find Aluminum

5 Sources of Quality Aluminum Scrap

Aluminum helps form the core of scrap metal finds. So, learn where to find aluminum in this post.

To start, aluminum scrap folds itself in foil and cans and lays itself out in sheets for construction projects. So, understanding the properties of aluminum will greatly aid your search. Because, they will point you in the right direction for finding this popular scrap.

Knowing that aluminum is lightweight and malleable, for example, will tell you right away that you will find aluminum in consumer goods, packaging, and the construction industry. Discover where else to find this metal and learn how to come up with your own sensibility about where to search for aluminum.

Let’s learn to source and scrap aluminum! The five places to find aluminum below is just the start of a good scrap practice for your business. (Don’t miss our discussion of aluminum’s properties for pro tips.)

where to find aluminum

Where can I find aluminum?

We’ll begin with where you will find the most obvious aluminum scrap. As we go, notice why you will find aluminum in these various areas based on its unique features.


Firstly, an essential property of aluminum is that it is lightweight. For this reason, it can be carried and travel very well without losing its shape or strength. That’s why aluminum composes ordinary packaging like cans, food containers, and foil. And, this makes dining halls, kitchens, and public spaces great places to find aluminum.

  • Pro Tip: Some events will be happy to have you stop by at the end of an event to take scrap off their busy hands. They may even not have thought the refuse could be recycled. Inform them!


Secondly, aluminum is strong. While it can be rolled with great ease, aluminum is strong enough to hold up windows and fixtures. The construction industry knows this. So, they use it for frames, roofs, siding, walling, door handles, and air conditioning. Why? Because, it lowers costs. This makes commercial construction sites great places to find aluminum scrap.


Thirdly, aluminum resists corrosion. Likewise, it is an attractive and often used metal for the construction of vehicles like cars, trucks, and trains. In fact, aluminum composes engine blocks, wheels, and even body panels. So, you can find aluminum in hefty pounds in vehicles which are broken down and abandoned.


Fourthly, think about the combination of lightweight, strong, and anticorrosive properties. In other words, aluminum is low maintenance. A perfect material for the construction of boats that need strength without adding weight, that means you will find aluminum in large ships, hover crafts, and hulled vessels.


Fifthly, as a low-maintenance and less expensive metal, aluminum is highly reusable. Aluminum is used in residential as well as commercial construction, but we make a special note of cooling and heating units because of the sheer volume of aluminum.

  • Pro Tip: If you have an eye out for summer, residential renovations on Craigslist or through a simple drive, it may be worth the payout.

In short, this list could go on and on. We want to give you a sense of the top sources of aluminum while sharing the key traits that will allow you to find aluminum yourself:

  1. Aluminum is lightweight.
  2. It’s a strong metal.
  3. Aluminum resists natural corrosion.
  4. It’s a low-maintenance metal.
  5. Aluminum is highly reusable, while inexpensive.

In truth, knowing these features of aluminum will allow you to find new, novel places that others overlook.

Let us know in the comments below where you have found aluminum in your line of work, especially if you are looking to have someone recycle it for you.

Learn more about the uses and price of aluminum:

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