Where to Find Brass

4 Sources of Pricey Brass Scrap

Brass, unlike aluminum and steel, is less likely among scrap metal finds, and therefore more valuable. So much so, many wonder where to begin and where to find brass. In fact, brass scrap hides in HVAC units and and spreads itself out on the floors of shooting ranges through shell casings.

Understanding its unique traits will help your search. Moreover, they will tell you, in part, where to find this valuable scrap. Knowing that brass is strong and heat conductive, for example, will tip you off that you will find brass in shooting ranges and heating appliances.

So, continue reading to find out where to collect this metal and how to come up with your own list on where to search for brass. The top three areas to find brass below is the beginning of brass sourcing for your business.

where to find brass

Where can I find brass? 

Let’s begin with where to find the most abundant brass scrap. In each section, note why you will find brass in these domains based on its unique traits.


First and second, brass is strong and heat conductive. So much so, it can be used with high impact and high heat to transfer energy from one source to a target. As a result, it makes up many casings for firearm ammunition, making shooting ranges and hunting spots great places to find brass.

  • Pro Tip: Some managers at shooting ranges will let you come in for their brass scrap at regular intervals. Network with them!


As a strong and warm metal, brass can be shaped into fixtures built to last and be touched, like furniture, dinnerware, and doorknobs. The design industry employs it in high end fixtures, and it was once popular for bed frames and ceiling paneling. This makes renovation sites great places to find brass scrap.

  • Pro Tip: Craigslist is your friend when it comes to finding free and marked down brass scrap in furniture and fixtures.


As a conductive and strong metal, brass is an attractive metal for the heating mechanisms in water heaters, radiators, and HVAC units. For example, brass often makes up heating elements and replacement parts. You may find brass in units which are broken, discarded, and abandoned.


Now, think about the combination of strong and warm properties. This makes brass useful for items that need to be worn or held. In addition, brass comes in many colors and weathers well. So, if this seems like a great fit for jewelry and instruments, you would be right. Likewise, you will find brass in large items like older instruments and jewelry.

Since brass is less conductive than copper, you will not find it in as many industries as copper, for example, like electronics and wiring. These are the top locations to find brass, but keep in mind its traits that will allow you to find brass in new places yourself:

  1. Brass is strong.
  2. It’s a conductor.
  3. It can also transfer heat.
  4. Brass is less conductive than copper.
  5. The metal comes in many different colors.

In short, knowing these facts about brass will enable you to source new, overlooked stores. Let us know in the comments below where you expect to find brass according to its properties, especially if you want confirmation.

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