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Where to Find Copper Wire


Wire, usually made of copper or a similar alloy, is pricey among scrap metal finds and therefore highly sought after. Where can you find copper wire? In fact, wire scrap hides in electronics, appliances, and walls.

To find wire, understanding its unique traits will help. In reality, the properties of wire will tell you, in part, where to find this valuable scrap. Knowing that wire is malleable and conductive, for example, will tip you off that you will find wire in electronics and heating appliances.

So, read this post to find out where to collect this metal scrap and how to come up with your own list for wire. The top three areas to find wire are listed and explained below.

Where can I find wire?

where to find copper wire

In each section, note why you will find wire in these key areas based on its unique traits as conductive and malleable metal scrap.


Firstly, two points about wire are that it is resilient and conductive. It can be used to carry electrical signals from one point to another and transfer energy. For this reason, it makes up the wiring for many small electronics including computers and thermostats, making most homes a great source of copper wire.

  • Pro Tip: Older computers and electronics often required more copper wire to fulfill their function. Look out for them!


Secondly, as a conductive and malleable metal, the wire can be shaped into appliances, like refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers. Likewise, the companies that design these appliances know that copper is reliable and lasting. As a result, this makes remodel projects and moving sales great places to find wire scrap.

  • Pro Tip: Craigslist is a friend when it comes to finding free and marked down wire scrap in appliances. Try looking on the first day and last day of the month for hurried movers.


Finally, as a conductive metal, wire is an attractive metal for the wiring of homes and businesses. Consequently, wire makes up most of the insides of dead electrical sockets and light fixtures. You may find wire in homes that are left and abandoned.

These are the top locations to find wire, but keep in mind its traits that will allow you to find wire in new places yourself:

  1. Wire is strong.
  2. It’s a conductor.
  3. It can transfer energy.

Going forward, these facts about wire will enable you to source new, overlooked stores. So, let us know in the comments below where you expect to find wire according to its properties, especially if you want confirmation.

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