Where to Find Copper

5 Sources of High-Priced Copper Scrap

Although aluminum and steel form the core of most scrap metal finds, copper is one of the highest paying. Mostly, copper packs itself away in appliances, heaps of wire, and inside walls. For these reasons, a copper connoisseur needs insight into the characteristics of copper: they tell you where you will find this in-demand scrap.

In other words, knowing how copper is used and its characteristics helps you in two ways. Firstly, you can apply what you know about copper in new, novel scrap situations. You’ll never miss a payday. Secondly, you can predict where you will next find this high-priced scrap metal. You can come up with your own niche list.

In short, we want to teach you to scrap. So, these five places to find precious copper is just the start of an evergreen and sustainable business. Read on. Learn from the ways its traits tell you where to find copper scrap.

Where to find copper to scrap

Let’s start with where you will find the most free-floating scrap? Along the way, we’ll highlight why you will find copper in these critical areas based on copper’s unique features.


First things first. You need to know is that copper conducts. So, it can carry electricity and currents exceptionally well. Copper is often hidden inside ordinary-looking wiring, making construction sites remain one of the best places to find copper scrap.

  • Pro Tip: Some electricians will be happy to have you take their scrap pile off their hands since toting around copper wire until the end of the project can be time-consuming and tedious.


Secondly, you need to observe is that copper is a soft metal. So, it is molded and bent with relative ease. Plumbers know this, and they choose it for piping because it lowers costs and is easy to manipulate. This makes residential, especially self-done, projects highly likely to be storing copper.

where to find copper


Third, copper is an attractive and often decorative metal due to its unique oxidation patterns. Copper decorates doorways, rooftops, and even fountains. Often, you can find decorative statues and décor which are often thrown out or sold at garage sales.

  • Pro Tip: Garage sales are an opportunity to inquire about whether you can help an eager homeowner retire and recycle their copper pots, pans, and junk appliances.


Fourth, not only is copper excellent at conducting electricity, it is five times better than iron and 20 times better than steel at channeling heat. That means you will find pots and pans in copper as well as copper used in cookware and appliances that use conduction (as well as wiring).


Fifth, as both a soft metal and a great conductor, copper lurks in electronics. For example, older electronics that require more wiring and circuitry to fulfill their function may be especially rewarding. If you’re curious, it may be worth a peek inside your old electronics or those thrown out.

  • Pro Tip: Desktop towers can be opened to reveal copper ribbon wire as well as copper heatsinks.

Truthfully, this list could be much longer. We want to give you a taste of some of the best places to find copper, but we also want you to know our reasoning. In short, you can find copper in all five of these critical areas for five reasons:

  1. Copper is a great conductor of electricity.
  2. It’s a soft metal, easy to solder.
  3. The metal is attractive and decorative.
  4. Copper is a natural heat conduit.
  5. Copper is found in circuitry.

Remember these. Because, knowing these five principle characteristics allows you to find copper in places other professionals overlook. So, let us know in the comments below where you have found copper in your line of work.

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