where to find scrap iron

Where to Find Scrap Iron

3 Sources of the Abundant Metal

Iron, unlike copper and brass, is a highly common and ever-present metal. Nevertheless, iron can be difficult to spot and extract apart from other common metals like steel. At first, it may not be clear where to find scrap iron. So, we list some of the best places of where to find iron scrap in this post. In fact, it sits in these places due to its special traits.

In truth, knowing its special traits will help in your search. Because, the traits of iron will tell you, in part, where to find this ordinary scrap. For example, knowing that iron is strong, magnetic, and easily repurposed tells you to look in appliances, vehicles, and construction.

Throughout this post, find out where to collect iron and how to come up with your own list of great iron sources. The top three areas to find iron below is the beginning of iron sourcing for your business.

Where can I find iron?

where to find scrap iron

So, where will you find iron scrap? Well, you will find it in places you find many other metals, but in even more places. In each section, we give one good source of iron. In addition, we discuss why iron can be found there—helping you to build your own iron expertise.


Firstly, know that iron is strong, heavy, and hard to damage. Also, its relative abundance means it can be used for the design of consumer appliances. For this reason, refrigerators and washing machines make themselves up from iron (and steel). As a result, you will find much iron in the local household move.

  • Pro Tip: Some movers will let you know through Facebook groups and Craigslist to come for their iron scrap. Do a little morning research for free pick-ups.


As a strong and easily recycled metal, iron adds to cars and trucks, such as in body design. In fact, the car industry uses it with great regularity in most vehicles. As a result, it is a good source of iron. So, this makes salvage and boatyards a great place to find iron scrap.


Finally, as an abundant metal, iron is an attractive solution for the need for tools in every shape and size. As a result, you can find this metal in many trades through their tools—from surgical equipment to welding. In fact, you might find tons of iron in tools that are broken, discarded, or no longer usable.

Since Iron is heavy and abundant, you will find it in as many industries like steel or aluminum. These three locations are the biggest places to find iron, but keep in mind its traits that will allow you to find iron in new places yourself:

  1. Iron is abundant.
  2. It’s a strong metal.
  3. Iron is easily recycled.

Now, you may want to write down from these facts new places to find iron. Because, that will enable you to source new, overlooked stores of iron scrap. Let us know in the comments below where you expect to find iron according to its properties, especially if you want confirmation from our experts.

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